Land Use Management

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T32 / LM1

Governance, management mechanisms, instruments and policy

Improved policies, governance structures and institutions to promote sustainable land management throughout Europe.... read more
T33 / LM2

Climate changes challenges for land management

This will enable the design of effective spatial planning and land use management systems to deal with extreme weather events, (e.g. flooding, droughts) and other environmental stresses.... read more
T34 / LM3

Land as a resources in urban areas (Sustainable urban land management)

This research will contribute to the development of healthy, safe and sustainable cities.... read more
T35 / LM4

Land as a resources in rural areas (Multifunctionality of rural areas)

This research will contribute to maintaining and improving soil fertility, and nutrient and pesticide management. It will support nature conservation and provide options to deal with urban sprawl and rural depopulation.... read more