DE-9 :: Research Field “Global Perspective“

Even the public is increasingly recognizing global themes of land use as a societal challenge and strategies and concepts are in demand. Consideration for the presented research areas must be ongoing in the European and international context. In this context, Germany - with the support of the already developed competence areas in the research field of land use - is in an advantageous position to take an international leadership role. This includes especially for example,
• Land sharing/land sparing strategies: how can a division of functions between natural conservation and agricultural production be considered on the global level? (relevant to the level of ethical consideration and to also be included)
• Research field “Land Grabbing”: What are the aims of the effects of the globalization of the local good of land? Which strategies are required on which levels? (ref. the topic of climate change)
• How can a systematic consideration, including aspects of ethical, economic and social nature, be undertaken?
• In relation to water deficiency: up until today, this issue has not been solved through technological solutions such as conventional desalinization plants, which are unaffordable.
• Can an intensification of agricultural production help to close the gap?
• Development of a ""Soil Stewardship council"" for the development of suitable methods of sustainable development in agricultural production.