DE-3.2 :: Land/real estate market

The development of the land/real estate market in rural spaces is critical for the socio-economic perspective – the decrease in prices for settlement structures on the one hand and the increase in price for rural land on the other hand. Land resources are becoming an object of speculation on the global scale. In Germany, high land prices are already discouraging agricultural operations, especially in cases of organic farming. Thus, the following aspects require consideration in research projects:
• Which new instruments for soil planning in rural areas are required (for example the overcoming of ""Realerbteilung"" (gavelkind), continuation of the consolidation of land, relocation processes) in order to secure the interest of nature and landscape conservation as well as a locally socially responsible use of soil?
• How can sectoral and spatial assistance programmes, especially the various directions and areas for agriculture, be better coordinated with one another?
• What would a monitoring concept with a focus on natural science and social evaluation and assessment of land use transition, which keeps the contexts of agricultural structural transition and demographic change on an equally footing to one another, look like?
• How can dynamic scenarios for land use transition be displayed as a contribution to expert and spatial planning?