FI-4 :: Interactions, changes and resilience of biogeochemical cycles in soil-water-sediment system

Biogeochemical cycles are the basis of the provision of ecosystem services and healthy living environment. Human activities have many impacts on biogeochemical cycles, and it is not sufficiently known how different impacts together change the cycles and their interconnections. The resilience of soils is also becoming increasingly important as environmental conditions are changing because of climate change. Soil-groundwater-surface water interactions are poorly known, because there is a lack of both field investigations and models which really take into account these interactions.
Possible research questions may be:
Natural capital:
• How do soil biogeochemical cycles operate as a whole and how can their resilience be determined?
Net impacts:
• How does the human impact change biogeochemical cycles?
• How to identify soil-groundwater-surface water interactions in different kind of ecosystems?
Land management:
• How the resilience of soils is enhanced in changing circumstances, such as in warming climate?
• What could be done to promote the adaption of society to changes in biogeochemical cycles?