AT-5 :: Monitoring and evaluating land and soil use for settlements and infrastructure

In Austria, an adequate tool for the assessment of land and soil use is not yet implemented. The development of an objective assessment and registration tool would be sensible. This could be the foundation for a comparable survey of the data basis. The assessment is the prerequisite for the development and establishment of indicators, which would make political goals reasonable. The use of indicators for the evaluation of measurements would also increase the public awareness. Furthermore, a uniform approach for the assessment of land use and soil loss (especially for land use other than agriculture and silviculture) would simplify the comparison nationwide.
• How much land is actually “consumed”? How are re-cultivated areas accounted for?
Natural Capital
• How much of the sealed area does not fulfil any soil function anymore?
Land management
• Which regional indicators and target values (e.g. sealing, flood protection, building density, type of agricultural cultivation) could support sustainable land use? How can they be implemented?
• Development of adequate classification with evaluation of lost soil functions (can be combined with GIS illustrations).
• Monitor, measure and evaluate sustainable land management techniques.
Net impacts
• Develop an implementable set of indicators to monitor and evaluate the impact of e.g. annual maximum land consumption, climate change effects or sustainable land use.