CZ-2 :: Contaminated sites as heritage of the 20th century and how to deal with them

In the Czech Republic, there is quite high occurrence of both contaminated sites and brownfields (neglected, abandoned and underdeveloped sites, where contamination is possible). The problem is that this issue is influenced by policies of different ministries Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic takes care about contaminated sites from environmental perspective, agency CzechInvest (under Ministry of Industry and Trade of the CZ) offers brownfields as investments opportunities and Ministry of regional development takes care about brownfields from perspective of regional and municipal development. Theoretically, these ministries should cooperate but in reality the cooperation is far, far from perfectly and it can be sometimes be perceived as competition. There were created databases of both contaminated sites and brownfields, but the number of redeveloped sites is still limited and issue is challenge for future decades.
Specific research questions (following the conceptual model of INSPIRATION):
Land Management:
• There is need of research of brownfields and development of holistic and transdisciplinary approaches including the perspective of different and stakeholders
Why: The current situation is to heterogeneous and it has negative impacts on effectiveness of solutions.
• Improve research focused on best practises and demonstration projects related to both contaminated sites and brownfields. Use innovative solutions – for example developing of solar power plants on contaminated sites and brownfields (detail Klusáček et al., 2014)
Why: The demonstration projects provides the arguments for stakeholders from private sectors (e.g. owners) and public sectors (e.g. mayors) that long-term solutions are effective.
• Improving the process understanding – especially improvement of understanding of roles of the different public administration
Why: The better we understand the decision-making process related to the issue, the more effective and tailored recommendations it is possible to create.
• Improve research focused on technical solutions – e.g. new types of deconstruction of material and recycling of materials from demolitions; new methods of decontamination
Why: The technical solution can cause the process more effective and they can decrease differences between contaminated sites and brownfields on the one side and greenfields on the other side.