BE-22 :: Conflicts on land use

An increasing demand on land causes conflicts in land use resulting in pressure on land (use) in Belgium, with possible impact outside Belgium.
Research questions:
Impacts of land management
How to avoid land conflicts and to provide righteous access to land? How to find an equilibrium between the different land use types? Need for sociological research (e.g. role of difference in cultures, role of wellbeing, relation green/wellbeing/area for recreation/criminality/hospitals, …). What kind of sociological research is needed?
How should we assess the environmental impact (e.g. on water and soil quality) of the different kinds of land use in terms of costs on society (cost/benefit analysis), (e.g. costs to purify contaminated drinking water)? How to take into account the results of these assessments?
Should we distribute certain high impact economical activities (e.g. cattle breeding) over Europe? If yes, how should this be done?
Can we think of decision making tools that allow us to determine which land should be used for specific functions, e.g. biomass production, food production,…? What are advantages and trade offs of the different choices in land use? How can we take into account the impact of a certain land use beyond the regional boundaries? How to make balanced decisions and how to set priorities? Should former farmhouses that are no longer active in the agricultural field be redeveloped (and house new functions, e.g. recreation, care (for the elderly),…) or do we pull them down?