UK-10 :: Landscape scale solutions

Solutions across multiple farms that improve biodiversity and soil management and productivity are needed to replace field or farm scale intervention. Funding farmers has had only a modest/ limited impact. Such an approach would sit comfortably within the Defra Sustainable Intensification Platform (SIP) and is endorsed by the WRAP Food futures report (WRAP 2015). Integration has the potential to manage at the landscape scale and not the individual environmental media or simply to maximise crop yields. This can be at catchment-scale with management involving collaboration of individual farmers. The role of Precision Agriculture in the improvement/conservation of soil quality – new techniques and technologies to assess/map – needs to be more fully explored and then put into operation.
Specific research questions (following the conceptual model of INSPIRATION)
Demand How can the Fusion of geospatial intelligence and deeper understanding of how natural systems function be used to maintain ecosystem services with a lighter hand intervention?
Natural capital How can precision agriculture contribute to natural capital stewardship?
Land management How can automated, accurate precision agriculture techniques be used to increase the granularity of land management decisions?
Net impacts Better use of precision agriculture coupled with higher resolution understanding of how natural systems vary can help optimise the benefits of chosen land use trajectories.
Justification There is an opportunity for SMART farming.