UK-6 :: Competition between land-uses (land-use conflicts)

It is recognised that there are competing and often mutually excluding land uses. How should land use conflicts be resolved? E.g. Is it more appropriate to build on poor quality agricultural soils rather than brownfield land? What instruments are needed to avoid / minimise impacts (feedback to decision-making process). Spatial analysis of distribution and level of Natural Capital to inform decision making. Techniques and technologies to assess (productivity) and value land resources.
Specific research questions (following the conceptual model of INSPIRATION)
Demand Better understanding of the consequences of alternative uses of land are needed to ensure the most important – rather than obvious or even urgent – land use is permitted to proceed.
Natural capital Better survey of the distribution of natural capital is needed to inform decisions on competing land uses.
Land management Predictive models of ecosystem services associated with natural capital would help inform decision makers and help prevent inadvertent consumption of natural capital.
Net impacts Better instruments are needed to avoid negative impacts.
Justification There is an urgent need to improve the basis and robustness of land use allocation among competing land uses.