UK-5 :: Demand for soil/ land resources, imports and exports

The international dimension of food supply and hence food security is important. The UK does not see itself as being isolated in terms of food – it both imports and seeks to export foodstuff).
Need a better understanding of the whole life cycle of food production, transport, consumption and waste to discern the balance between domestic, import and export.
Specific research questions (following the conceptual model of INSPIRATION)
Demand Land owner recognise that soil is a finite resource but one with a long tail of productivity. Improved understanding of the life cycle of soil related
Natural capital How can stewardship of the soil component of natural capital be improved to help food security in the EU and in countries which export food to the EU?
Land management Improved understanding of the geography of soil services (including of the products we obtain from soil) will help allocate resources and reduce unnecessary consumption & waste.
Net impacts Reducing over consumption and waste will mean reduced environmental impacts and deliver savings to those behaving profligately.
Justification A whole life cycle approach to food will reduce inefficiency, including waste, and thereby release resources for others and other purposes.