CH-5.2 :: Concrete implementation and project management

Relevance of the issue and justification of the need for research:
For several spatial planning issues in Switzerland, visions and targets have been formulated that point to the direction future development should take. However, these visions and targets are partly not applied, because it is not clear how to implement them in practice. It is crucial to develop support measures and guidelines that serve this purpose. Furthermore, major spatial planning projects represent a challenge because they cover periods of up to 50 years. Therefore, project planning must allow some scope for uncertainties, to be able to respond to new developments also after the start of the project.
Specific research topics and knowledge gaps:
Land management
• Concrete implementation of visions and targets: Show how visions and targets can be brought down to a feasible level and integrated in the planning process. Develop appropriate implementation instruments.
• Project management of long-term projects: Indicate how long-term spatial planning should be refined so as to be able to react to new developments after the start of the project. Improve the process design for long-term projects. Document examples of best practice in interdisciplinary long-term projects.
• National/regional/local authority, SME/consultant, network, others, workshop participants