CH-2.4 :: Transport and mobility

Relevance of the issue and justification of the need for research:
The Swiss Plateau will be one big conurbation by 2050. To function properly, this conurbation will need appropriate infrastructure. In the future, Swiss roads will be characterised by self-driving vehicles, which will transform mobility completely. It is vital to think about such future developments already and to plan accordingly. Required transport developments such as bicycling, however, should also be promoted.
Specific research topics and knowledge gaps:
Land management
• Design the future development of transport: Develop concepts showing how transport can be tailored to the developments of compact building and how automated vehicles can be integrated into the overall traffic. Research and also new planning instruments are needed for this purpose.
• Make bicycle lanes more attractive: Show how bicycle lanes can be made more attractive.
• Der grosse Plan und seine helvetische Realisierung. Die Gesamtverkehrskonzeption 1972-1977 und ihre Wirkung auf die schweizerische Verkehrspolitik: (Haefeli, 2006)

• Network, national/regional/local authority, business/industry, workshop participants