CH-2.2 :: Multifunctionality of space

Relevance of the issue and justification of the need for research:
It is important to preserve the multifunctionality of land and space. Agricultural land shall not only produce products, but also be a habitat for diverse species. However, biodiversity is not only to be found in protection areas and on agricultural land, but also within settlements. To be attractive, settlement areas and agglomerations also have to satisfy a multitude of different needs.

Specific research topics and knowledge gaps:
Land management
• Multifunctionality of agricultural land: Find ways to preserve the multifunctionality of agricultural land (production, biodiversity etc.).
• Multifunctionality of agglomerations and settlement areas: Find ways to preserve the multifunctionality of agglomerations and settlement areas (habitation, recreation, green space or agricultural areas, biodiversity etc.).
• National/regional/local authority, workshop participants