ES-3.8 :: Innovative territorial models.

Some concepts and approaches could be further explored in order to find new territorial models. These concepts and approaches are not new, but they require further research to be applied to the new challenges. i.e Integrated Coastal Management, Landscape analysis and planning, living areas (population and labour catchment areas), agro-ecology and urban agriculture, among others.
R&I topics
- In particular landscape planning and management is an ambitious concept. Considering all its components (diagnosis, evaluation, planning, and management, with a social, environmental, economic, institutional perspective) and its integrated approach to territory, is a topic/ research area, capable to enclose/encompass and cope with most of the EU societal challenges. The European Landscape Convention is the reference framework at EU level. At regional level, there is a wide range of applied research on landscape planning although complementary research is still needed, particularly the linkages with management and the design of adequate management instruments and definition of determinations.
- Integrated approach to food sovereignty and the role of urban and peri-urban agriculture with implications in resources management soil-land-water and in societal challenges. From a whole range of disciplines-– geography, agronomy, spatial planning, urbanism, landscape design, social sciences.
- Development of more comprehensive approaches for restoring ecosystems (estuaries, coastal) development of common indicators (or harmonized) for estuaries of a geographical area – this would entail the development of methods for evaluating the effects of global change (climate change, invasive species, air pollution) on the ecosystems of coastal areas, estuaries.
Overarching theme INSPIRATION: we estimate these issues concern Land management