ES-3.5 :: Better understanding the impacts of simultaneous and multiples stressors

(i.e. climate change, contamination, flood, drought, salinization, soil sealing etc.)on ecosystem services (special emphasis on soil ecosystem services)- objective is to improve risk assessment and management practices
R&I topics
- Assessment of multiple stressors on soil systems. Degradation of soils occurs rapidly, we need support for a better design of prevention and response strategies. In the field of environmental and especially soil ecosystem impacts there is yet not much knowledge about the understanding and evaluation of effects of multiple stressors or sources of perturbation, their interactions and interdependencies and their overall impact on biodiversity, functions of ecosystems and the resilience of these against multiple and simultaneous stressors. Generally impacts are assessed for a specific perturbation (i.e. contamination) but not for the overall impact of multiple sources of perturbation (i.e. simultaneous effects of contamination, drought, compaction, defertilization etc.).
- Linked with the above, there is a need for developing multiple (i.e. hybride) risk assessment methods as support for better management of soil resources and better design and prioritization of corrective actions
- Resilience capacities of soil systems need to be better understood and evaluated in order to integrate natural responses as part of the solution
Overarching theme INSPIRATION: we estimate the issues above concern net-impacts