PT-9 :: Soil system mapping and monitoring

Compared with air and water, soil has received little attention in terms of monitoring. There are some instruments for land decision-makers but it is necessary consolidate them and give some coherency. Firstly it will be necessary to improve the data bases/platforms about this resource in Portugal, as it exists for United States (Ex: USDA), and to be acquainted with the soil state-of-art at all levels (e.g. soil properties, soil classification, practices that are being implemented, how soil quality is changing, etc). Besides, the knowledge should be spatially structured. This demand of this soil knowledge is driven by the need to underpin sustainable land management and policy making process. Furthermore it would be necessary to support specific studies concerning the protection of soil-sediment-water system. This platform can be used by general public, scientists and soil resource users, planners and decision-makers.
Specific research questions (following the conceptual model of INSPIRATION):
• Identify the existing databases, lack of information on different levels, and needs for information update.
Why: To understand the existing soil data that need consolidation, and to prioritise data investigation and monitoring needs.
Natural capital:
• Develop new, feasible data acquisition methods using drones and satellites for digital soil mapping;
• Monitoring and mapping of essential and missing information (basis) about the soil resource;
Why: To integrate useful information basis for public, researchers, stakeholders and different decision makers.
Land management:
• Develop online platforms to share the existing and future mapping and monitoring knowledge.
Why: To optimize the delivery and utility of soil data, for new research, to support land management process and the policy formulation, and also promoting public awareness,