AT-9 :: Decoupling of the economic impact

The topic of “natural capital“ should be addressed more critically. The protection of close-to-nature areas is mostly not a pressing issue, although there is no restoration after loss. Loss of biodiversity means a transgression of the planetary boundaries. The spatial dimensions of societal actions should be considered. A depiction and consideration of the whole complexity of a society can avoid (collateral) damages (e.g. resource wasting life style).
Natural Capital
• Is a monetisation of ecosystem services necessary to achieve cost transparency and global equality?

Net impacts
• How can the value of ecosystem services be assessed? (not only monetary; consider access to agricultural land, soil as a legally protected good)
• How can bio-economy be implemented in Austria (e.g. decentralised units for Austria? preserve regional variety!)?
• How can sustainable soil use be monetised?
• Is the decoupling of economy and environmental effects a sustainable solution for the value assessment of soil?