DE-5.3 :: Sustainable Agricultural Ecological Systems

Also, organic agricultural practices can support the development of sustainable agricultural ecological systems. In this case the following research questions need to be answered:
• What contribution can organic agriculture offer to increase yields and granting food security?
• How can the non-uniform administrational practices within the various federal states (for example standards in the regulation on ""flower mix"" be altered to support large scale and integrated analysis?
• Can goal conflicts be better understood (analyzed) and perhaps balanced through the implementation of Reallabore, e.g. conventional agriculture and biodiversity?
• How can the pressure be minimized upon (organic) agriculture and/or the small scale agricultural production, which is characteristic of certain landscapes (rental, sale, sharing deals)? What effects do price dynamics have (e.g. land as “slurry deposit“)?
• How can areas with a slope be secured/renovated for a sustainable use?