FI-16 :: Climate change adaptation

Climate change mitigation and adaptation are related to all research topics. Some research questions rise particularly from adaptation capabilities in Nordic conditions and they can include:
Net impacts, land management:
• What are the consequences of decreasing ground frost to soil quality, geotechnical properties, nutrient leaching and agriculture?
Land management
• How to improve preparation for unexpected climate conditions in agriculture, forestry and built-up areas?
• How to organize storm water drainage and water supply to take into account more frequent extreme weather events?
• How to predict and prepare for increasing leaching of harmful substances from contaminated soils when sea levels and river flood levels are expected to rise?
• How to improve resilience/adaptation capacity through land use planning by paying attention to flood management and other ecosystem-based ways of adaptation?
Net impacts
• What are the impacts of increasing runoff waters during wintertime, more frequent and severe flood events and increased erosion?
• How does the climate change and extreme weather events affect the sufficiency of groundwater in relatively shallow aquifers and groundwater depending ecosystems?