FI-13 :: Integration of different land uses

Integration of different land use targets is the main purpose of land use planning. New and expanding ways of using natural resources together with sustainable development objectives have increased the need to integrate different targets in both rural and urban areas. Controversies are related e.g. to mining, energy production, and the extraction of aggregates. Information on planned areas and impacts of alternative solutions is a necessary basis for integration. A common knowledge base may also help to create shared understanding of planning situation.
Possible research questions may be:
• In what ways to address the integration of land uses from a 3D or 4D perspective paying also attention to competing uses of subterranean spaces?
Land management:
• How to learn from best practices of cross-sectoral integration of targets and creation of common understanding with the help of shared knowledge?
• What kind of new cost-benefit analysis and impact assesments are needed to integrate and value different kind of land use solutions (e.g. community development/water supply)?
• How to develop and promote integration in all the phases of land use management – in land policy, planning, decision-making, plot assignment and implementation?
Net impacts
• How to develop assessment tools that consider the sustainability impacts of alternative land use solutions?