AT-6 :: Land use for infrastructure

Infrastructure decisions are often not reversible (e.g. power plants, urban sprawl) and not easy to handle. In Austria, the quality of soil is not a deciding factor in spatial planning (Zech, Blanda and Klingler 2010). A distinct gap exists between the assessment of soil in spatial planning and in soil sciences (Environment Agency Austria 2013a). Adequate tools for the assessment of land and soil use have not been implemented yet.
Natural Capital
• How should an adequate tool for the assessment of soil quality look like for soil sciences and spatial planning?
Land management
• How can vacated traffic infrastructure be assessed?
• What kind of indicators will help to secure bare land sustainably?

Net impacts
• How can the consideration of soil quality for infrastructure projects be improved?
• Are inter-municipality financial compensation or compensation funds for waiver of re-zoning to building zones a promising incentive to save green space?