CZ-5 :: Improving quality of soil-sediment-water (SSW) system

Improving quality of soil-sediment-water (SSW) system requires the holistic approach and collaboration of the different groups of stakeholders. There is problem that there is necessary the long-term cooperation. During one of the interview, one of expert on forestry lands mentioned – the changes in forest requires many years (for example replacement of monocultures forest, which are not very optimal from perspective of drought and floods) but majority politicians and voters expect fast and simply solutions – people wants to achieve their goals very fast and therefore they cause economic and environmental debts, which will be paid by next generations. Naturally this statement is rather sceptical and there are some solutions focused on improvement of soil-sediment water system as for example creations of new wetlands, small ponds, bio-centres and bio-corridors or windbreaks. There is also effort to change the agricultural and forestry production to avoid destroying the SSW system and to achieve the effectiveness – for example PREFarm system.
Specific research questions (following the conceptual model of INSPIRATION):
Land Management:
• Improving the process understanding – especially improvement of understanding of roles of the different bodies of public administration in SSW system
Why: The better we understand the decision-making process related to the issue, the more effective and tailored recommendations it is possible to create.
Natural Capital:
• Improve research focused on best practises and demonstration projects supporting both productive and environmental function of landscape as restoration of wetlands, ponds etc.
Why: The demonstration projects provides the arguments for stakeholders from private sectors (e.g. owners) and public sectors (e.g. mayors) that long-term solutions are effective.
• Improve research focused on technical solutions – e.g. new types of management of SSW system using information from monitoring of problems by remote sensing
Why: The technical solution can improve situation both from productive and environmental perspective.