BE-21 :: Pressure on land and spatial planning, fragmentation of land, scarcity of land

Land is a limited resource. The countryside is urbanizing (urban sprawl). Farmers need more land to upscale their production. Land prices are rising and access to land is getting more difficult for some parties (e.g. “new” farmers).
Research questions:
Which land is best/not suited for which agricultural use? A lot of knowledge is available, but is not disseminated or implemented to the relevant stakeholders. How to disseminate? How to exchange knowledge and data?
Land management
How to reduce the pressure on land? How do we deal with the available area of land/soil, to what use will we give priority and which not? How to link spatial planning with environmental concerns and raise awareness? How to keep the resilience on and resistance to the use of land, which is e.g. important for climate change? Which policy tools are needed?
What (and how) could prevent society from losing its good agricultural soils (by combining science, laws, social sciences, economy, …)?
How to make efficient and effective use of the available land? E.g. making use of roofs for greenhouse farming? Which technologies are needed?
How to stop fragmentation of land?
Land prices (e.g. for public nature, agriculture or public recreation areas) are rising due to private landowners buying big parcels of land. What is the impact of this process on private plots of natural land (private landowners)? Can we assess and calculate this impact?