BE-14 :: Soil compaction

Soil compaction is a form of physical degradation resulting in densification and distortion of the soil where biological activity, porosity and permeability are reduced, strength is increased and soil structure partly destroyed. Compaction can reduce water infiltration capacity and increase erosion risk by accelerating run-off. The compaction process can be initiated by wheels, tracks, rollers or by the passage of animals.
Research questions:
Land management
How can we develop a policy to prevent soil compaction or to restore soils after compaction? How can we integrate these policies in spatial planning processes or land management practices?
Can we think of innovative ways to cultivate the land without having to use heavy machinery (e.g. the use of drones,…)
Impacts of land management
In order to change the behavior of farmers, foresters and policy developers we need to raise awareness on the issue of soil compaction. How can we do this efficiently and effectively?