UK-1 :: Efficiency of primary food producers, while recognising the associated environmental and societal needs.

There are primary food producer organisations across Europe aiming to provide the same function using a variety of mechanisms, as well as links to bodies in for example South Africa, Australia and Canada where similar problems are faced, and all divisions work or collaborate internationally where there is a benefit to UK producers to do so.
Greenhouse emissions from livestock and broadacre arable crops are key drivers, but it’s important to recognise where improvements in business efficiency, for example crop nutrient management plans, can reduce emissions.
How does improving supply chain efficiency affect the pressure on land use (e.g. by ensuring more, good quality produce reaches the ultimate consumer?)
Specific research questions (following the conceptual model of INSPIRATION)
Demand Demand for food will grow with the population. However improved efficiency can reduce demand by reducing wastage.
Natural capital Improving primary production efficiency will help in the stewardship of natural capital so that it continues to be able to offer beneficial services.
Land management The way land is managed influences the efficiency of primary production.
Net impacts Improved primary production will help contain our ecological footprint.
Justification Of interest to all in the supply chain.