NL-11 :: Knowledge base

This topic includes the knowledge that stakeholders have or need to use land and the soil-sediment-water system in a sustainable way. When working on societal challenges, both specialist knowledge is needed as well as the skills to connect this specialist knowledge to the broader context of the challenges. Both the science-policy-interface and securing and exchanging knowledge are important aspects. Researchers and end-users together need to translate challenges to research questions en science to practice. The client should be able to understand what he/she needs to know, where to find it and how to phrase research questions. Specific research questions can be all clustered under Demand:
• How do businesses, governments and citizens keep the knowledge about the soil-sediment-water system and land use at a sufficient level (knowledge management, training, collaboration)?
• How does new knowledge land in policy?
• How can we learn from experiences and knowledge from abroad?
• How to organize effective learning processes?
• How are participants with "bottom-up" initiatives provided with the correct information (eg. urban agriculture / soil quality) and how is ensured that the knowledge from these initiatives reaches others?
• What is needed for awareness and education about the soil-sediment-water system (eg. international year of soil, soil and water education, GLOBE )?