AT-2 :: Improvement of management measures for the cultivation of agricultural land

This is a very urgent topic because it addresses people worldwide. Possible indirect impacts of land cultivation should be taken into account (e.g. Sahel zone: interconnection husbandry and erosion). Implementable solutions with regard to regional adaptation are necessary. An international implementation of improved management measures will have a tremendous impact for small- and large-scale farmers. Funding could come from international organisations (e.g. FAO, UNO, OECD, IWF).
Land management
• How can the improvement of management measures be achieved with progressing digitalisation?
• How can phosphor recycling contribute to sustainable food production?
• How can sustainable intensification be managed and how can cultivation methods be improved to contribute to this goal?
Net impacts
• How does an optimal knowledge transfer look like? An essential key to improve the situation is a consequent education of land users. Here, adequate models should be developed and implemented. A combination of theory and practice is necessary!
• What are the effects of climate change on agricultural greenhouse gas emissions?