CH-5.3 :: Cooperation and knowledge transfer

Relevance of the issue and justification of the need for research:
A lot of existing knowledge is never applied in practice due to insufficient cooperation and exchange. In addition, there is a flood of information today which makes it difficult to find relevant knowledge from other disciplines. Searches by keywords are insufficient because different disciplines use different terminology.
Specific research topics and knowledge gaps:
Impossible to assign to the overarching themes
• Organise interdisciplinary cooperation: Document examples of how smooth interdisciplinary cooperation can be organised between practitioners, between researchers as well as between practitioners and researchers.
• Organise and explore transdisciplinary processes: Show how exchange can be enhanced by transdisciplinary processes. Explore the concrete implementation and the effects of transdisciplinary processes further.
• Transfer of knowledge: Identify how knowledge transfer works. Show how knowledge transfer has to be designed, so that knowledge actually is going to be implemented.
• Interlink knowledge: Develop data mining tools to establish interrelations between knowledge from different disciplines and to make it available efficiently.
• National/regional/local authority, university/research institute, workshop participants

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