CH-5.1 :: Conflicts and dialogue regarding land and soil use

Relevance of the issue and justification of the need for research:
There are no adequate instruments in place for resolving conflicts regarding land and soil use. Furthermore, in practice, there is often a lack of concrete knowledge on how to weigh up interests against each other and on how to hold stakeholder dialogues. As the land and soil in Switzerland are under a lot of pressure, support is needed in this field.
Specific research topics and knowledge gaps:
Land management
• Methods for weighing up interests: Show how interests can be weighed up in practice. Show how an effective stakeholder dialogue is conducted.
• Approaches to resolving conflicts regarding land and soil use: Find approaches to resolving conflicts that involve the stakeholders concerned. Create conflict-resolution 'laboratories' in which general conditions and goals are defined and potential solutions are worked out.
• Testplanung – Methode mit Zukunft: Grundzüge und Hinweise zur praktischen Umsetzung am Beispiel der Testplanung Riedholz/Luterbach: (Scholl; Vinzens et al., 2013) (the mentioned „laboratories“ could be built up analogically)

• National/regional/local authority, SME/consultant, workshop participants