ES-4 :: Specific technologies

Specific technologies in relation to/ in support to the key issues mentioned above result in the following R&I topics:
- Soft technologies hybridizing with traditional engineering In the context of spatial planning there is an opportunity for reseach on soft technologies hybridizing with traditional engineering such as Nature-Based Solutions and Ecosystem Based Adaptation actions to climate change. RTD is needed to find out how and under which circumstances the best balance between soft and engineered solutions can be reached.

- ICT knowledge applied to the development of early warning systems. It relates to the need of improving methodologies in land use planning and land-use management with better integration/consideration of risk parameters, i.e. vulnerability and risk due to impacts of climate change, floods, fire, landslides, summer tourism peaks, depopulation etc. need of RTD for developing key indicators and associated metrics and threshold values. Need for short-medium and long term indicators depending on risk parameters

Overarching theme INSPIRATION: we estimate these issues concern Land management
- In the context to water the following technologies have been identified as the priority ones in need for further research and support:
- Capture and storage of water from tillage and conservation –
INSPIRATION theme: demand
- Integrated water resource manangement-
INSPIRATION theme land management
- Water productivity and reducing water footprint impact, i.e.ICT applied to precision irrigation, deficit irrigation and wastewater reclamation –
INSPIRATION theme: land management
- Land use under a semi-arid or arid conditions –
INSPIRATION theme: land management
- Genetic adaptation of crops to increase productivity-and adapt to the availability of water, towards food security –
INSPIRATION theme: land management
- Reverted osmosis for water desalinization -
INSPIRATION theme: demand
- Waste water threatment in micro-municipalities- water treatment infrastructures should be designed in such a way as to provide services for multiple municipalities (i.e. shared services) and thus optimize the efficiency of public investements -
INSPIRATION theme: demand
- Research and development of aquaculture techniques as guarantee of secure food supply -
INSPIRATION theme: demand
- During flood events, water treatment plants’ capacities can be exceeded so that water surplus needs to be direclty deviated to water courses without treatment. Procedures and methods for estimating the impacts of such practices on the environment (i.e. soil, water bodies, biodiversity etc.) need to be developed in order to design possible mitigation and regeneration measures.
INSPIRATION theme: Net-impacts

- In the context of energy, there are several technologies in which Spain is a front runner and there is a need for further research and demonstration for the benefit of EU productivity and resilience:
- Distributed energy generation and consumption/use..-
INSPIRATION theme: land management
- Offshore wind power generation, and marine energy, have great potentials in terms of complemeting installed capacities on land and reduce land needs for energy generation –
INSPIRATION theme: land management
- Photovoltaic energy production