ES-3.7 :: Positive externalities of agroforestry uses.

R&I topics
- It is important to investigate on the potential impacts of the extensive land uses and practices on the availability of resources (i.e. water, environmental services, etc.) at regional level and its economic valuation in relation to climate change adaptation and water cycle management.
- Need for developing new agricultural models and practices environmentally friendly and capable of limiting impacts like erosion, salinization, contamination etc.).
- From a more territorial equilibrium perspective, need to investigate and assess the structuring impact of rural activities and rural world
- Need for developing knowledge about the impacts of forestry sector on water resources – Need to develop good management practices in forestry sector for creating positive externalities on water resources
- Need for RTD to set monitoring strategies to better understand the influence of land management on the continental hydrological cycle, and therefore on the generation and availability of water resources of sufficient quality and quantity – special focus could be directed on better managing areas of land where river basins are recharged in water
Overarching theme INSPIRATION: we estimate these issues concern net-impacts