ES-2 :: New governance, instruments and management mechanisms

There is still perceived the need for research on new gobernance structures, finding coherence between concepts, aproaches and policies, and finding also methods capable to integrate the different roles of various parts of society, from technical experts (consultants and academia), politicians or decision-makers to the general public. Beyond the integration of stakeholders and interest groups, integration must seek consideration of legislative frameworks in place or under construction as outlines; i.e. Soil Framework Directive, Coastal Zone Management, Air etc.).
Although, there are a number of successfull experiences, public participation is still a pending issue in the spanish context, in particular in relation with spatial planning and land use management.
Specific research questions:
• There is a need for research on inclusive decision making and social empowerment, exploring new or improved ways to achieve real participation of society in the decision including (academia, general public, NGO, experts, practitioners and whatever other actor with interest in land use and resource management).
Why: Research with respect to governance (including multi-level and multistakholder approach to decision making and public participation) is seen crucial towards the efficiency in the provision of services, specially with regard to common/shared needs and services from micro-municipalities and for better managing land use conflicts.
Overarching theme INSPIRATION: we estimate this issue is transversal accross the INSPIRATION themes of the conceptual model