ES-1 :: Innovation in science communication and awareness

Decision makers and stakeholders from different sectors of economy and society, need to be aware of the reality of the problems in order to make responsible and effective decisions (i.e. resources at risk, risk due to degraded/contaminated land, impacts due to depletion of natural resources, biodiversity loss, dealing with uncertainty, etc…).
Specific research questions
• There is a need for developing culture of information dissemination from and towards decision makers, scientists and citizens so that awareness about issues of concern is facilitated. Such development would need the design of corresponding instruments (i.e. ICT, forums etc.) to enable such multidirectional and simultaneous dissemination and awareness rising.
• There is a need for reseach on innovative methods and tools for knowledge diffusion and tailored communication instruments for risk and uncertainty communication, with transparency and in democracy, to enable effective assimilation and empowerment.
• This implies the development of instruments ad hoc for different kind of actors and stakeholders, from policy and decision makers to general public and citizens. Here is remarkably important to incorporate SMEs in the RTD system, particularly in countries such as Spain with a highly specialized productive fabric and small and medium size enterprises.
Why: Better informed stakholders and actors at all levels, wich would enable supporting sound decision making (i.e. in participative processes) and avoid possible conflicts in the course of projects.
Overarching theme INSPIRATION: we estimate this issue is transversal accross the INSPIRATION themes of the conceptual model